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Hi and welcome to our website Pros and ExCons. We are dedicated to impacting people’s actions by impacting their thinking. Brad Sadler, the founder of Pros and ExCons, was convicted of fraud and corruption totaling R50 million and was eventually sentenced to 4 years in prison.

CRIME DOES PAY” – be careful who does the paying, I pay every single day of my life. – Brad Sadler

Brad’s story is truly remarkable, from Board Room to prison cell to today, taking every opportunity to tell his story to people who will listen. Brad’s story reaches into the Corporate World when he speaks about fraud, into the lives of young men and women when he speaks about consequences to school audiences and into the lives of people when he reflects on how prison has changed his life.

About Brad

Brad is married to Este and has two lovely daughters who are both married, and two grand-children. He has lived in the city of Durban, South Africa all his life and says of himself “I was born with sea-sand between my toes”. At the age of 38 years old, Brad was sent to prison for four years for fraud and corruption. After serving 14 months he was released on parole.

His highly successful presentation “Who let the dogs out” has been heard all over the world in Board Rooms, lecture halls, school classrooms and community centers.

If you would like Brad to speak at your company, school or community meeting, you can contact him at :
Email :
Mobile : +27+83+3015288 (international)
Mobile : 083 301 5288 (local)

Who let the Dogs Out

Corporate Presentation (60 mins including questions)

The theme of this presentation is “dogs” and the “guard dogs” are the controls, policies and procedures in our organizations that are there to warn us, guide us and ultimately protect us. In this frank presentation about his experiences in the Corpo rate Banking World, Brad talks about what circumstances and actions led to his eventual arrest, the ensuing court case and t he reality of prison life. He explains about the consequences that he has to live with daily as a result of his poor choices , even though those choices were in many instances over 10 years ago.

Woven into the presentation is the premise that all decisions have consequences and that people make much wiser decisions wh en they understand the consequences of their actions.

The presentation is interspersed with light hearted moments yet is impacting in its delivery.